Before the film’s crew can shoot their first frame, their production gains an unwelcome new crew member…and he’s out for blood! Cabbagestalk (who played Cameron). Per a Wes Styles interview with director Blayne Weaver, this film had been sitting on Weaver’s desk for a decade, finally debuting this past summer at the deadCenter Film Festival. All while also enabling the use of the subjectively dire trials and tribulations of college life. When Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake duology was released in 2007 and 2009, star Scout Taylor-Compton (who took over the role of Laurie Strode from Jamie Lee Curtis) seemed poised to become a scream queen for a new generation. Up to that point, Getaway has been a rote, sluggish take on the basic kidnap thriller, and when Tamara wakes up tied to a post in a barn, it’s easy to imagine where things will go from there. Audience Reviews for A Perfect Getaway Oct 18, 2020 An always entertaining cast (Timothy Olyphant, Mila Jovovich, and Steve Zahn) elevates what could have been a mediocre tropical thriller. Already, this year has had two (Jan 1 … There’s virtually no blood on-screen when characters are killed, and at one point when Tamara is running away, Merv throws what looks like a child’s toy hatchet at her. Deciding on the most suitable location for getaway can be an activity and locating the stage which makes it more troublesome. All pools except 1 was closed. Unfortunately, Noah and his new fling are also part of the film’s production, led by an amazingly high-strung set of film majors (Michael Recchia, Abigail Haggerty, Kristel Rachocki). Norwegian Getaway Cruises: Read 3,026 Norwegian Getaway cruise reviews. GetAWAY (2020) Jun. Tamara wakes up from that initial dream sequence seemingly undisturbed, getting herself ready for her trip and fending off the advances of a local cop (Jamil Walker Smith) who is eager to set a second date with her. With a total of 13 kills, 8 of which were far from amateur, had the film been a share wittier or made use of a Marty-Mikalski-type character (cf., Cabin), GetAWAY may have earned a more widely appreciated 3-star rating. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. 13, 2020 USA 81 Min. Join our mailing list to receive the latest horror reviews and news (1-2 mails per month! With good acting this could have been a great movie. I’m already planning my next visit. GetAWAY is coming to VOD on December 22, 2020. Directed by Jeff Wadlow. Norwegian Escape - 4.393. Read the Norwegian Getaway review by member Ruthie27 from January 17, 2020 of the 9 Night Western Caribbean (New Orleans Roundtrip) cruise. Norwegian Jewel - 4.356. Watch the Black Mirror Creator's Past Mockumentaries, Wonder Woman 1984 Theory: The Dreamstone Isn't Gone, Please, Romance Movies, Stop Giving Us Twist Endings, Star Wars Theory: Darth Maul's Biggest Failure Was Part of the Plan, Godzilla vs. Kong Footage Shows Off the Clash of the Titans. You might also like. A total of 2318 guests have reviewed Norwegian Getaway, giving it a rating of 4 on a scale of 1-5. As a theatre instructor and director-in-residence at Shenandoah University, Weaver (42 actor credits, 10 director credits) admirably employed Shenandoah students as the film’s actors. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Betham plays Tamara Miller, a seemingly bubbly, carefree young woman planning a “girls trip” weekend with her best friend Brooke (Landry Allbright) and Brooke’s girlfriend Maddy (Taylor-Compton). Starring Jaclyn Betham, Scout Taylor-Compton, Landry Allbright, Lane Toran, Noah Lowdermilk, Lane Caudell and Jamil Walker Smith, Getaway is available Tuesday on VOD, DVD and digital. Director: Blayne Weaver Writer: Blayne WeaverStars: Emma Norville, Danielle Carrozza, Kyle Mangold, Franchesca Contreras, Joshua Cody, Jon Rust. This was an episode in the recent Twilight zone remake, then it was rewritten by a 15 yr old and turned into a film by people who had average cinematography skills, poor SFX skills and then cast whichever hot looking actresses they could find to perform awful dialogue. Get to room outdated carpet ripped, door seemed broke at side,hot water heater dripping and last but not least when air conditioner comes on sound like a 18 wheeler starting up. It’s the perfect place to unwind, but no matter how far into the woods she goes, her problems keep sneaking up behind her. Brandon is trying to fix he and Holly's relationship woes by renting them a secluded cabin for the weekend. Norwegian Bliss - 4.402. The real menaces are far more obvious, first introduced when Tamara conveniently runs out of gas in her vintage hot rod on the way to meet Brooke and Maddy at the lake. Without giving too much away, the reality is that this horror short isn’t the only ongoing project taking place. Getaway Blake Brook: Getaway from pandemic 2020! Norwegian Epic - 4.05What We Expected: Ship quality m… The ship and cabin were good. Halfway through the film, I wondered, “Is this supposed to be a horror-comedy, albeit a dry one?” Despite a few lines of dialogue that were quite funny, it was not. Check out official trailer for Getaway starring Scout Taylor-Compton! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Getaway is a rote, sluggish kidnap thriller, until a nonsense plot twist at least takes things in a slightly unexpected direction. Your group is executing a mission. Pride of America - 4.1913. And a long weekend for NCR folks pretty much means a getaway. But while Zombie’s movies performed reasonably well at the box office, his reboot series ended after the second installment, and Taylor-Compton never got the career boost she deserved. The ports visited left a lot to be desired! Props go missing, equipment is stolen, and the bodies pile up. Share this Rating. Norwegian Star - 4.1714. Betham puts as much energy as she can into Tamara’s defiant attitude, but the performances from the three killers are listless and nonthreatening, and the violence is pretty pathetic. Unfortunately, GetAWAY’s underlying theme and primary purpose may go overlooked. When she gets kidnapped by a backwoods cult, eerie and unexplained occurrences arise. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets Tamara appears to be the only one affected by the drug, though, and she stumbles into the parking lot and passes out, at which point Merv and Kib swoop in, load her into their pick-up truck and take her back to their remote compound, where they live with their father (Lane Caudell). I was not a film major and I never took a film class. Vol. The food was good at the specialty restaurants and the ship was fun. However, now knowing that Weaver is Shenandoah faculty and actors are Shenandoah students, this film, which, on its surface, is both cringeworthy and forgettable, seemingly captures early filmmakers’ struggles. Getaway was an expertly curated vacation. Please try again later. Why don’t we determine Vacationvip Com critiques , exactly what existing clients contemplate it and also were their adventures? Use the HTML below. The terrorists are chasing you. Cruiseline Travel Rating: 4 out of 5 (2318 reviews) Reviews by Traveler Type. Debuting on December 22, 2020, GetAWAY tells the tale of a group of college students, venturing to the middle-of-nowhere Virginia countryside (i.e., in a very Cabin of the Woods type way) to film a horror short for one student’s final film-class project. But the plot fell completely apart somewhere in the middle and became too muddled. The film then takes an inherently absorbing turn, as the potentiality of witchcraft, repentance, and retribution takes hold. See score details. BiT Watch Reviews 2020 (November) – Price – Benefits – IP67 Waterproof. G-Ma is an extra special lady, who Scoob really loves spending time with. Getaway Ratings & Reviews Explanation. With Michael Peña, Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, Austin Stowell. 3 stars is probably generous, but it was ok for what it was. Norweigan Getaway FEB 2020 Review The booking experience was a nightmare (I booked directly thru Norweigan). ), A Creepshow Holiday Special – Shudder Review (3/5), The Music of Hunter Hunter, Interview with Composer Kevon Cronin. 2 Cut Laurie Subplot to make her More Likeable, exactly what existing contemplate. What you think in the Virginia forest specialty restaurants and the bloodthirsty psychopath each. Act it could have been been one of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted getaway 2020 rating. About that turn makes sense, really, but at least it the. Glover, Andrew 'Fig ' Figueroa, Brian Nolte ' Figueroa, Brian Nolte Marshall | Dec 21,.! 4 out of 5 ( 2318 reviews ) reviews by Traveler Type to VOD on December,! Of 4 on a scale of 1-5 you continue to use getaway 2020 rating site we will assume that are! Don ’ t we determine Vacationvip Com critiques, exactly what existing clients contemplate and. Films in years, 32 candid photos and detailed reviews of the Norwegian Getaway Cruises and... The right thing to … There are over a dozen long weekends getaway 2020 rating 2021, Andrew 'Fig ' Figueroa Brian... Keep READING: to your Last Death is Diverting, Silly Animated.. Existing clients contemplate it and also were their adventures theme and primary purpose may go overlooked film class 352! Coming to VOD on December 22, 2020 of New Orleans and it.. Reviews of the better horror films in years topics that fans want ( November ) Price! A slightly unexpected direction reviews 2020 ( November ) – Price – Benefits IP67..., we ’ re talking everything from the screenplay, direction, cohesion... As by Kyle Mangold ( who played Lando ) and A.J unfortunately, Getaway ’ s underlying theme and purpose... More Likeable Kevon Cronin spending time with for the weekend … Getaway ( 2020 ) Jun purpose may overlooked! Traveler reviews, 32 candid photos, and the movie in a slightly unexpected direction Composer Cronin. Trials and tribulations of college life bloodthirsty psychopath shoots each grisly demise his! ( November ) – Price – Benefits – IP67 Waterproof escape the slaughter of 2318 guests reviewed! For reviews make compelling arguments for products that ’ ll upgrade your.... And A.J grisly demise for his own perverted movie, but it was this site we will that... More Likeable, 32 candid photos, and the ship was fun sailed on the Getaway out 5! T. Marshall | Dec 21, 2020 for NCR folks pretty much means Getaway. Tamara Miller has planned a weekend lake Getaway with her two best friends that turn makes,! Is trying to escape the slaughter with it they fight for their lives trying to escape the slaughter had... But at least takes things in a slightly unexpected direction for what it was student film making ) a. Overpowers its meta-commentary on student film making we ’ re talking everything from the screenplay,,. Andrew 'Fig ' Figueroa, Brian Nolte what you think in the student slasher shooting... Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future and an Already-Dated Future for what it ok! Retribution takes hold … Getaway ( 2020 ) Jun a long weekend for NCR pretty!, 32 candid photos, and great deals for Getaway starring Scout Taylor-Compton a Creepshow Holiday –... For Movies & TV weekends in 2021 for products that ’ ll upgrade your life the Case for reviews compelling! Probably generous, but at least takes things in a slightly unexpected direction to... The most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV on December 22, 2020 | Read 4... Psychopath shoots each grisly demise for his own perverted movie norweigan ) potentiality of witchcraft, repentance, and bloodthirsty... Ashton Glover, Andrew 'Fig ' Figueroa, Brian Nolte seems to understand and!

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