Personal liability cover (in case you’re sued for causing injury or damaging property). The authority responsible for the Italian motorway system provides useful information on its website in English. More information on how to apply is available on our website in the Travel section. Italy travel restrictions currently prohibit tourists from the USA and other countries not allowed by the E.U.. A date has not been set for when travel from the U.S. to Italy will reopen. Campania is the gateway to Italy’s boot, and boasts some of the country’s most historically important attractions. Further information is available on the Re-Open Europa website. Coronavirus travel health. Purchase comprehensive travel insurance which covers all your intended activities. Cases of H1N1 (Swine Flu) have been reported in Italy. This should not impact tourists particularly but you should exercise ordinary caution and follow the security advice of the local authorities. Travellers intending to travel to Italy are advised to check whether any new provisions have been introduced by their region of destination, either by directly contacting the local authorities or checking out their respective websites. Impact. Information about restrictions on passengers entering Italy is available here. 24-hour emergency service and assistance. Vigilance should be paid to personal belongings in train stations (particularly Termini Station in Rome), in the public areas of the airports, at all tourist sites and when using bus, metro or tram services, including when unloading baggage from coaches travelling to and from the airports. People travelling to Italy from Ireland are not required to self-isolate but they must fill out a self-declaration form. The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) have updated their country page for Italy based on the current assessment of COVID 19 case numbers in Sardinia. The total flight duration from Ireland to Italy is 2 hours, 53 minutes. I would like to receive deals and travel advice emails from FareCompare. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by foreigners. Image: Travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic . Topflight's selection of holidays throughout this delightful country truly is second to none. Personal safety. water sport activities such as jet skiing or other extreme sports). They are generally advertised in advance, and tourists should keep informed of possible strikes and how these may impact on their plans. Incidents of tourists’ vehicles being broken into and the vehicle’s contents being stolen have increased in recent months. In line with the EU Recommendation, there will be no entry restrictions on passengers travelling from green regions. Check that you have adequate insurance and read the small print of the vehicle hire contract (particularly any waiver that will come into effect if the vehicle is damaged). Travellers are advised to take sensible precautions against mosquito bites. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Ireland to Italy, It … Get real-time pricing on Ireland to Italy airfare in seconds on today. We have been made aware of an increasing number of incidents recently where travellers have been drugged through substances being placed in drinks, and subsequently robbed of money, credit cards and mobile telephones. Shipping services from Ireland to Italy. Be sensitive to local customs, traditions and practices as your behaviour may be seen as improper, hostile or even illegal. Italy does say if you spend 14 days in an authorized country, and you have all the valid visas/paperwork, you should be able to enter (“should”… not guaranteed!) The Embassy operates a weekend out-of-hours service for Irish citizens requiring emergency assistance. Sign up for updates via the map, and be the first to know if they do. During your stay, you should carry a photocopy of your passport at all times. The exceptions are from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Rwanda, Singapore and Thailand: travelers from these countries don’t have to specify a reason. Tourists should be aware that bathing in fountains is prohibited at all times. Many Italian city centres operate restricted driving zones to which only cars with permits have access. 20122 Milano We are updating information. The Ministry of Health has created a website which provides information and advice on the H1N1 virus. Via Giacomo Medici Updated information will continue to be provided on this website. If you fall ill whilst in Italy and require further advice on how to access healthcare, please contact the Embassy. Embassy of Ireland Please note: to verify applicable requirements when entering Italy you can also take advantage of the dedicated online tool … If you are in need of emergency assistance, please ring the Embassy at (+39) 06 5852 381 and leave a message on the answering machine. Travelling rules vary, depending on the country of origin or destination and the reasons for travelling. Image: Download the COVID Tracker app . Given recent terrorist attacks in European cities, Irish citizens are advised to follow the advice of police and local authorities and to exercise increased vigilance, especially if attending large public gatherings or other crowded locations. Irish citizens are advised not to leave any valuables, including their passports, in vehicles that are unattended. A wide range of flights between Irish and Italian airports operate daily. Then I went back to Italy and I realized how much I loved it. Although the threat from terrorism in Italy is low, there is still a global risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks, which could be against civilian targets, including places frequented by tourists and expatriates. The fastest, easiest option for traveling from Ireland to Italy is by air. This form, and further information, can be found here. If you’re travelling to Italy, our travel advice and updates give you practical tips and useful information. No further charges should be made for luggage, extra passengers etc. Currently the Italian Government has assessed the level of the threat of a terrorist attack in Italy as “medium/high” (level 2). Any extra activities you intend to do that are excluded from standard policies (e.g. Minor tremors and earthquakes are almost a daily occurrence. The UAE is also not permitted to travel into Italy now, so I don’t think that will help you. This summer I am going back to Ireland because I really miss it and want to experience it with my kids. The best help is often close at hand so if you have problems, try talking to your local contacts, tour operator representative or hotel management. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 2 days 5h. Churches and other places of worship, including St Peters’ Basilica, require visitors to dress modestly. The total driving distance from Ireland to Italy is 1,555milesor 2 503kilometers. You can also contact the public information hotline on 1500, Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Buying comprehensive travel insurance can save you and your family a lot of money if something goes wrong. Please be aware that when you call for a taxi, the meter starts running the minute the taxi is dispatched to your location. Travel to Italy from San Marino and the Vatican City is without limitations. Find cheap flights to Italy from Ireland from £46. Ireland has adopted the EU Recommendation on a coordinated approach to travel restrictions in the context of COVID-19, known as the EU traffic lights approach. All medical care abroad, including evacuation by air ambulance, or other emergency procedures, and any other costs associated with an unexpected longer stay. We compare hundreds of flights from Ireland to Italy, from all the major airlines and travel agents, showing you where you can fly directly, the flight times for these options and the differences in cost. We can’t be held responsible for any injury or loss you may suffer as a result of relying on our travel advice. Prices shown on this page are estimated lowest prices only. Effective January 7, only residents or travelers for work or study are allowed entry in Italy. The EHIC is not a substitute for proper travel insurance provided by a reputable insurer. For information on arriving in Ireland from abroad, please visit the website of the Irish Government ( or the Health Service Executive (HSE), Security Status Last Updated: 21 October 2020 to take effect from 00.00 on 22 October 2020. Your entire trip, from departure to return. You are wholly responsible for making decisions about your own travel. All travel to Italy from outside the Schengen area is restricted to reasons of work, health or study, absolute urgency, returning home or to join a stable relationship partner. The total straight line flight distance from Ireland to Italy is 1,188miles. If you’re unable to pay, the fine will be sent to your home address and may be increased. For your safety, never get into a taxi when the driver is already accompanied or agree to the driver picking up another person. For information about more localised restrictions, please visit the website of the Region to which you are travelling. Monday – Friday 9:15am to 1:00pm & 2:15pm to 5:30pm Visitors to Italy, especially in the larger cities such as Rome and Milan, may see an increased police presence and security checks. Here are something things to consider in your planning, especially since you have never been in Europe before. As an Irish resident you are entitled to get healthcare through the public system in countries of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland if you become ill or injured while on a temporary stay there. Public health guidelines continue to apply for anyone arriving in Ireland from a non-green region. If you need to attend the Embassy’s public office, please click “Email us” below in order to make an appointment. Italy, Tel: +39 02 551 87569 Attacks could occur at any time and could target tourist attractions, restaurants, transport hubs or other public areas. Villa Spada Most pedestrian crossings are not controlled by signals, but rather are similar to zebra-crossings in Ireland. Contact our Embassy in Rome for assistance. Additional advice and information on COVID-19 can be found via the following links: Italian government information on COVID-19(English), Italian government information on COVID-19 (Italian), Italian Department of Civil Protection information on COVID-19 (English), Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation information on travel to Italy (IT/EN). Coronavirus: Irish citizens advised not to travel to Italy’s affected areas Harris says chances of case in Ireland has ‘significantly increased’ in light of Italian outbreak Pedestrians should remember that traffic will be coming from the opposite direction to traffic in Ireland.

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