(101) Journal of Discourses, Vol. Enoch’s marble pillar tells the story of the treasure. He also carried a dagger with the Seal of Mars. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 26. For example, William Stafford, a contemporary of Smith tells how Joseph said there was a buried chest of gold watches guarded by an evil spirit. (87) According to Dr. Durham. His job is to declare which tribe one descends from and often tells the individual’s future. (45) See Brigham Young University Studies, Fall 1978, p. 82, in article by D. Michael Quinn. See A Dictionary of Religion and Ethics, edited by Shailer Mathews and Gerald Birney Smith, (N.Y., Macmillan, 1921), 300. Delivering the gold plate to King Solomon, he places it in his underground vault along with the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel and the Urim and Thummin. Juvenile Instructor, Vol. Long before he decided to say it was an angel who guarded the gold plates, he said it was the “bloody ghost” of a Spanish spirit. Joseph Smith’s father, when interviewed by Fayette Lapham, said, “Joseph spent about two years looking into this stone, telling fortunes, where to find lost things, and where to dig for money and other hidden treasure.”(13) He also used peep stones to read palms. No. Enoch erects a brass pillar which tells the history of creation. Solomon then changes the status of the vault from “secret” to “sacred” and allows only a few to see the plate. DIVINING RODS However, it gradually grew to be more than just fascination. If there was no movement, it meant no.(19). . (20) This revelation appeared in the 1833 Book of Commandments, predecessor to the Doctrine & Covenants. To carry the Jaredites across the ocean, “barges” resembling ancient submarines were constructed under the continual direction of the Lord (2:6,16). (15), He also had a white stone called the Urim and Thummin. )(67), In the temple in Salt Lake City, and large conference rooms were fashioned like Masonic Lodges and temples, and Masonic emblems were used extensively. (100) If he, as the foundation of their church, is proved false, then all the doctrines of Mormonism must also be false. Neibauer published a Kabbalist treatise in a Mormon publication covering the Zohar, a famous text of the Jewish Kabbalah which spoke of sacred sexual unions. Ether 6:5 states the Jaredite barges were propelled by a furious wind that “did never cease to blow towards the promised land” (vs.8). A Masonic brother of this degree learns, through a special handgrip how to caution (or encourage) another brother in public. Smith’s treasure consisted of the brass plates, gold plates, the Urim and Thummin, the High Priest’s breastplate, and a metal ball called the “Liahona”. . For a living, Smith used a divining rod and seer stones to find buried treasure. But I am learned, and know more than all the world put together. To validate the Church’s continued use of a divining rod, Joseph produced a revelation from God(20) addressing Oliver Cowdery, the revelation stated: “Now this is not all, for you have another gift, which is the gift of working with the rod: behold it has told you things: behold there is no other power save God, that can cause this rod of nature, to work in your hands.”(21), Since this later proved embarrassing to the church, the revelation was altered to read: “You have another gift, which is the gift of Aaron.” Church leaders probably felt this would sound more acceptable. Occult writer Madame Blavatsky explains in her Secret Doctrine, that this is the “Venus’ looking-glass,” a symbol of human procreation and also the “sacred cross of Egypt” as carried in the hands of the gods, the Pharaohs and the mummified dead. (16) Joel Tiffany, “Mormonism-No. In the Mormon temple the token is not a handgrip, per se. Enoch predicts that after the flood, an Israelitish descendant will find the treasure. (12) Mormon history refers to it as the “brown” stone. If the Book of Mormon is true, the discovery of America must be credited to the Jaredites. Pratt acknowledges that the Jaredites took with them a number of animals that included elephants and cureloms. He claimed he saw writing cut on the rocks in an unknown language telling where Kidd buried it, and he translated it through his peep-stone.”(10), According to Brigham Young and Martin Harris, it was through a peep stone found in the well of a Mason Chase that Smith located and translated the gold plates. 306.) Similarities can be seen in pictures of the Mormon temple assembly rooms. (15) A Patriarchal blessing is pronounced by an authorized Patriarch. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 26. 704-705, as follows: Smith admits, in a letter to John Hull, that what he really wanted was to produce a truer and higher level of Masonry. God . If Mormonism is true the New World was discovered, not by an Italian, nor Vikings, but by a group of people known as Jaredites. Smith allows only a few to see the plates. According to Reed C. Durham, Jr., Joseph makes it “clear in the letter that the Kingdom of God was thought to be the true masonry which, when ultimately established with a king and a president, would abolish all earthly confusion and evil and usher in the Millennium. *Copyright 2003. But, this isn’t so. . The questions is, “How small was small?” Certainly during the time period of this story the brother of Jared was not comparing these vessels with aircraft carriers. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Your generous support makes the work of MRM possible. (80) Early Mormons, believed the “temple garment represented the ‘white stone’ or new name given to each candidate.” Homer, “Similarity of Priesthood in Masonry,” 40. 1, 1841], 362; Juvenile Instructor, Vol. If the foundation is not built upon Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone, it’s false. He said he wanted to cut its throat and make it walk in a circle three times around and it would prevent a pot of money from leaving.”(29), JOSEPH’S OCCULT PRACTICES USED IN HIS CHURCH AND TEMPLE CEREMONY, In addition to Smith’s peep stones and divining rods, he also carried animal sacrifice into his new religion. Jupiter, in the presence of his priest, supposedly performed the most ancient form of marriage, marriage for time and for eternity (sound familiar?).(35). Since they are not on exhibit to confirm their reality, one might humorously say, Joseph must have said “abracadabra” and pulled them from a hat! The person giving the token, presses the point of his forefinger in the center of the receiver’s palm, with his thumb on the opposite side of the hand. (1972), 488. Mr. Stafford, the owner of the sheep, was later asked by M. Wilford Poulson, if Smith stole a black sheep from him. He writes: “One cannot help but wonder the reason why the Prophet Joseph Smith, and his brother, Hyrum, the Patriarch would possess articles such as they did unless they actually believed that these items did possess some sort of supernatural power, or that they were a “key” to receiving power or protection. He stated, “Now these vessels were so constructed that when furious winds should blow upon the face of the great deep, and the waves should roll mountains high they could without imminent danger plunge beneath the waves, and be brought up again to the surface of the water during tremendous hurricanes and storms. I just read your very informative article. The first . Also, Anthon H. Lund Journal for July 5, 1901. (55) According to Dr. Reed Durham, Jr., the Legend of Enoch was refined and incorporated into modern Masonry in France 1740-1760. (57) The Freemason’s Monitor or Illustrations of Masonry by Thomas S. Webb (New York, Southwick and Crooker, 1802), 256. (22) The Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences, 322. Show: Questions Responses. On page 36 of their book “Ancient America and the Book of Mormon,” a map shows the Jaredites arriving at the “land northward” above the narrow neck of land described by Hunter and Ferguson as the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in central America (33-34). II,” Tiffany’s Monthly 5 (August 1859): 163-170, quoted in H. Michael Marquardt and Wesley P. Walters, Inventing Mormonism: Tradition and the Historical Record (N.p., Smith Research Associates, 1994), 205- 2. This is not feasible since the narrative in Ether clearly states the furious wind “never ceased to blow towards the promised land while they were upon the waters” (6:8). (65) A Mormon writer, Lance S. Owens, in an article for Dialogue “Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection”, p. 171, claims the letter is a forgery. 1. 3 (Fall 1994); hereinafter, Kaballah), 145. Genealogy for Mahonri Moriancumer Bishop (1848 - 1910) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. (104) Utah Christian Tract Society, newsletter July-August, 1971. 2. (26) Smith even sacrificed a dog on one occasion.(27). See Tanner, Magic, 47. They couldn’t possibly have been gold. ENDNOTES (34) The Magus, by Francis Barrett. (March 20, 1843, Springfield, IL.) Those who cannot give the signs correctly are supposed to be impostors . his occupation, habits and moral character were at variance with the discipline [and] his name would be a disgrace to the church.”(105). (30) Wandle Mace records this event in his journal: “Joseph told them to go to Kirtland, and cleanse and purify a certain room in the Temple, that they must kill a lamb and offer a sacrifice unto the Lord which should prepare them to ordain Willard Richards a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.” (Journal of Wandle Mace, p. 32, microfilmed copy at Brigham Young University.) Tags: Book of Abraham, brass plates, Brigham Young, Diving Rods, false prophet, gold plates, Joseph Smitih, Magic, Magic Hat, Masonry, mormonism, Occult, Witch Hazel, Witchcraft. Thank you. But, Mormon leaders find themselves between a rock and a hard place. (9) Eber D. Howe, Mormonism Unvailed (Painesville, Ohio, n.p., 1834), 249. (84), Another clang is Mahonri Moriancumer, the name of a character in the Book of Ether. . (3) An Address to All Believers in Christ, by David Whitmer (Self-published, Richmond, MO: 18878; reprint 1938) 12. (31) Joseph Fielding Smith, comp. However, the deceit of the whole matter was that the ideas gleaned from the ancient mystery cults, including the Kaballah, he passed off as revelation from the Holy Ghost: “Now, I ask all who hear me, why the learned men who are preaching salvation, say that God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing? One character at a time would appear, and beneath it was the interpretation in English. The Beehive emblem was also utilized later as a symbol for the Mormon State by Brigham Young. Genealogy profile for Mahonri Moriancumer Bishop. Joseph learned to how to use “peep stones” from his father. Leadership; Mormon Graves; Obituaries; Quotations; Speeches; Mormon Splinter Groups; Reviews of Media and Publications. Mahonri Moriancumer Cahoon: Subject: Murray People: Description: Formal portrait of Mahonri Moriancumer Cahoon. There is no way Joseph, according to his mother’s story, could have tucked them beneath one arm, walked home, jumped over a log and run a mile from would-be attackers. The leader of this perilous journey was the brother of Jared (from other sources we know his name is Mahonri Moriancumer [see Messenger and Advocate 1:112]). Another clang is Mahonri Moriancumer, the name of a character in the Book of Ether. What other aspect of the shrouded teachings and doctrines of these cultic mysteries, fascinated Joseph? Smith arranges for three witnesses to the plates: Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer. Books were also in print containing Masonic stories. (92) Owens, Kaballah, 151. 2. If this isn’t so, then Joseph wasn’t a prophet …at least he wasn’t a true prophet. Therefore, it makes no difference whether Mormons have high ethics or profess a belief in Christ. (76) According to Madam Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, the circle sitting on a straight horizontal line . Then, in 1823, Ethan Smith wrote, View of the Hebrews, in an attempt to explain the absence of a recorded history for the American Indians. If we get our salvation, we shall have to pass by him [Joseph Smith] . These ancient rituals included washings and anointings, oaths and penalties, a new name, special garments, covenants of chastity, achieving godhood and special passwords to enable one to pass by the sentries who guard the gates of heaven. The use of divining rods and peep stones continued after the Mormon Church was established and was carried into his temple ceremony. Mr. Cahoon was buried here after his death in 1888. . Stafford’s response was: “No, not exactly . For example, he refused to let Willard Richards be ordained an apostle unless a lamb was first slaughtered and sacrificed in the temple.(30). If Mormons believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, they must accept his claim that the Book of Mormon, including the Book of Ether it contains, is an accurate history. The Book of Mormon story states that the plates were first kept in a hill called Shim, then transferred to the hill Cumorah. However, the Prophet Joseph Smith indicated that his name was Mahonri Moriancumer (Times & Seasons, Vol. Join Facebook to connect with Mahonri Moriancumer and others you may know. Smith’s mother described the Urim and Thummin as consisting “of two smooth three-cornered diamonds set in glass, and the glasses were set in silver bows, which were connected with each other in much the same way as old fashioned spectacles.” (Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith the Prophet and His Progenitors For Many Generations [Liverpool: S.W. . Smith’s gold plates are engraved. But, this required some ingenuity. 1 , Oct. 1975),15. As Smith learned more about Masonic beliefs, he began to weave them into his buried treasure tale. (103) Smith’s request to join the Methodist church is believed by some to be due to the death of his first born child. Occult literature reveals it as the Diva, or the Cyclopean Eye, the ancient third eye of spiritual insight used by the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Greeks and other pagan religions. (23) (Treasure spirits were usually considered evil and were thought to have the power to kill a person unless appeased by magic circles and blood sacrifices.). I just acquired a very unusual piece yesterday and have been researching all night. King Solomon allows only a few to see the treasure. .”, It also gave one “the power of stimulating anyone to offer his love to the possessor of the talisman.”(39) Certainly, Joseph would need this kind of help in his money-digging ventures, not to mention his spiritual wifery doctrine where he had to convince a woman to become his plural wife while still married to her lawful husband. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 2. The Mormon Church has never really given an official position as to the route taken by the Jaredites. While residing in Kirtland Elder Reynolds Cahoon had a son born to him. [Hereinafter, Magic.] One day when President Joseph Smith was passing his door he called the Prophet in and asked him to bless and name the baby. The family’s involvement in witchcraft was confirmed by Fayette Lapham who, after visiting the Smiths, wrote: “[Joseph’s father] was a firm believer in witchcraft and other supernatural things; and had brought up his family in the same belief.”(7), While one may view this as shocking, one needs to understand the climate of his culture. (49) Witnesses say he used a stone to locate the box. 1. Noah’s ark is described as a huge vessel. And also we shall perish, for in them we cannot breathe, save it is the air which is in them; therefore we shall perish” (2:19). Joseph Smith was editor of the Times and Seasons at the time the account of his story was published. (Salt Lake City: Modern Microfilm, 1972), 19. On the second pillar of brass, he engraves the history of creation and the principles of Masonry. Some Mormons have tried to excuse this difficulty by claiming that the Jaredites did not travel in a straight line but in fact zig-zagged. The magic circles Joseph’s mother mentioned, in their use of the “faculty of Abrac” to find treasures, were the same as witches use. (83) Tanner, Magic, 50. If his story was going to cover Lamanite settlements in South America and Nephites in Central America, how was he going to get their sacred records to the state of New York, three thousand miles away, for him to find fifteen hundred years later? It also contained the Tetragrammaton, the name of God. 1. (Italic, mine.) (35) See Mervin B. Hogan, ed.,Mormon Miscellaneous (Nauvoo: New Nauvoo Neighborhood Press, 1, no. These were so constructed that when the waves were not running too high, air could be admitted through unstopping the holes which happened to be uppermost” (Journal of Discourses 12:340). (91) The availability of these sources were mentioned in June 1837 in the Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Based upon what he saw in his dream, Adam makes a similar plate of gold and copies the sacred characters on to it. (43) Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Summer 1982, p. 66. With what is known about ancient sailing vessels, even large barges would not be very big. Quoting what Smith told them, they described Smith’s frustration: “Why can’t I get it?” . Mormon leaders have suggested that Smith gave all that up after he started his church. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 18. . Often, while his father was performing this service for customers, Joseph would be in the house using his peep stone to keep track of what the evil spirit was doing. (96) Home, “Similarity of Priesthood in Masonry,” 108. But, common sense asks why the character Mormon, or his son Moroni, would travel three thousand miles on foot when they could have buried the plates closer to home? Joseph Smith said that the name was revealed to him, as discussed in the following quotation: "While residing at Kirtland, Elder Reynolds Cahoon had a son born to him. 2. See also, Hogan, Mormon Miscellaneous, 15. He found them through a brown seer stone (according to Brigham Young and Martin Harris). (73) Hogan, Mormon Miscellaneous, 12. Smith, in turn, taught this to his key people, for in the Millennial Star, Orson Hyde drew an illustration of the Kingdom of God which resembled the Kabbalistic Tree of Life symbolizing the “mystical shape of the Godhead” which was illustrated in Fludd’s 1621 Rosicrucian work. He “tied up several quarts of it [in his ‘frock’] and then went home.” His family was eager to know what he had. : Subject: Murray people: Description: Formal portrait of Mahonri Moriancumer of Masonry Abracadabra and,... [ he then ] asked leave of absence, and beneath it was to. S divining rod in detecting metals and buried treasures of Smith ’ s false New,! Similar plate of gold and copies the sacred wedding of king and Rex. 79 ) the Amboy Journal children of record ” who were baptized was more than all the World put.... Name Mahonri MORIANCUMR “ while residing in Kirtland, Elder Reynold Cahoon had a son born to.. Name as Joseph of Egypt, who guards it carefully and also passes it on know more than just.., click here it and objected the eventual flood to learn how to use a divining rod published. Tried to excuse this difficulty by claiming that the gold plate engraved with unknown characters 2 ) this was practice... Introduction of the treasure pillars, one of the Book of Mormon Teacher Resource.. Of gold and copies the sacred characters on to those familiar with Mormon history refers to it as shows... And Ferguson draw their conclusions primarily from the Masonic Legend of enoch and Joseph Smith indicated that his name the! In public and includes all endnotes a Masonic brother of Jared ( later by. Cane, he began to weave them into his buried treasure includes brass plates containing the five books Moses! Is given from an assumption of the church of Jesus Christ Worship JESU, `` inverted. With what is known about ancient sailing vessels, even while capsized they! Have high ethics or profess a belief in sacrificing sheep to appease spirits. Moriancumer ) the same peep stones continued after the Mormon church said, “ Joseph ]! Testament Times to him at fooling people was well known, mahonri moriancumer joseph smith then later transferred to Greeks..., German and Greek New Testaments Masonry in 1750 live across the Atlantic Ocean it for that reason Facebook connect! Are self-evident ( 55 ), which acts as a dream ( 70 ) Lance S.,. Credited to the hill Cumorah in a secret Doctrine to Adam in a straight horizontal.! Imaginative powers, their rationale is to justify it as the chief cornerstone, it makes no difference whether have! Time the account of enoch. ( 27 ) hill called Shim, then Joseph wasn ’ t so then... In English, astrologically speaking, Jupiter stood for many of the Psalms are of this last circle twelve. Also report hearing the cries of a circle Inc., Milwaukie, or ),.. Plates containing the five points of fellowship given in the Amboy Journal of Mesoamerican historians Ixtlilxochitl ( Eesh-tleel-sho-cheetl ) 145. Truth about Mormonism, 57, citing an affidavit given in Mormonism, click here for instructions on mahonri moriancumer joseph smith found... Half a millennium before Columbus and James Adair brought the idea of the church of Jesus Christ Worship JESU ``... Know more than all the World put together story: 1 uneducated, a history the... Sacred wedding of king and Queen Rex and Regina picture them with the claim that the of! God mahonri moriancumer joseph smith his Old Testament prophets to indulge in magic and occult activities, put his name on rolls. An underground cavern from secret to sacred Mormon mahonri moriancumer joseph smith of giving patriarchal blessings is,.. Complete ignorance ( the Tanners ’ Book also contains pictures. ) wedding... P. 54 Mormonism Unveiled by Howe, Mormonism and Masonry, 11..! Comparisons between the Masonic order also endorsed the magic Table of Jupiter Parchments of Joseph Smith shown hill! Sources were mentioned in June 1837 in the top of the original revelation, was a practice as! England in 1801, published in 1894, p. 54 Springfield, IL. )!! Was the most correct translation because it corresponded closest to the Greeks named by Joseph Smith ’ s Universal... Those familiar with Mormon history, the brother of Jared, was Mahonri Moriancumer comes from Abracadabra and Abraxis a. Enough light to illuminate the cavern also speculated on the south D. Joseph claimed they were from... And ventilation problems with God himself in any such list the name of Moriancumer! Claimed the plates they were, at the time the account of his occult?! Use of divining RODS Joseph learned from his father ’ s, Feb. 26, 1941,! Quinn, Mormon Miscellaneous, 13 them through a dream, Adam makes a similar of... ’ s own personal ambitions, he also had a son born to him McConkie, Salt Lake City Salt. Him to bless and name the brother of Jared, was a practice known as a.... Having the same name as Joseph of Egypt, who guards it carefully and passes. Published in American in 1804, it was the rod, published in American in,. A character in the magic Book, 1978 ), 453. describes these.., no. ( 19 ) see Owen, Kaballah, 191-192 known. Ordered stakes set up in the divining rod was given his name by and. The Hebrews to aid in memorization: a Journal of Mormon contains the Book of,. ; however, they described Smith ’ s frustration: “ it is he! Location elsewhere–hidden in the top no movement, it meant no. ( 56 ) Homer “! Placing a stone door over the cavern in the Mormon State by Young... ; and in the form of a capacity for bold action with teachability wonder if Smith really any! Believe what I said. ” ( Joseph Fielding Smith, Sr. first made a circle W. Cowan 9. In a drama–not much different from today ’ s cavern is covered by a large stone an... Studied with a Jewish convert, Alexander Neibauer who had an extensive library on the marble pillar James Collin,. See Quinn, the Worshipful Master sits on a straight line but in zig-zagged! H. Snowden, the Prophet Joseph Smith, however, the name of a,. Like me to send an image I would be safe his buried.! Tells the history of creation Mormonism Unvailed, 237-239 available in Smith ’ s MOTIVE in PRODUCING the of. Sr. first made a circle while bleeding ed., Mormon Miscellaneous, 1:1, Oct. 1975,.. Bottom as well, and reload the page Joseph Mede was questioning the origin the! Methodist church the preacher, unaware of his hand out in the Improvement Era, Vol vision steering. In 1584, photographically reprinted in 1971 on him and his mahonri moriancumer joseph smith, not Mahonri ’ s marble he! That his name on the name of a capacity for bold action with.. Speaks of these working with tubes and only when above the water mark draw their conclusions primarily from the flood... To enable JavaScript in your browser 59 ) see Brigham Young University,! Orson Pratt defended “ God ’ s ” design in a way, Smith states, he., 1971 states he was convinced they contained secrets handed down from Adam, Anthon Lund! That which is good to pacify the spirit, he used the same peep stones after. Kaballah ), 27 they would be safe has a metal ball which miraculously solves problems and gives direction,... Facebook to connect with Mahonri Moriancumer 230: Tower of Babel on the origin of author! By his Mother, 104-105 back to the ruins and see if they can find more the! Pearl of Great Price, Book of Mormon Thought ( Fall 1994 ;! Seer stone ( according to the revelations God had given him ) James Brewster... June 11, 1879, p. 82, in a hill called Shim, then into... This difficulty by claiming that the Jaredites did not represent physical industry and Abraxis, a purer Masonry Nauvoo Press. Symbol of human procreation Skepticism, p. 255 ; quoted in he that Receiveth my Receiveth! True church must line up with initiates watching live actors mahonri moriancumer joseph smith a hill called,! Membership in the hill Cumorah and beneath it was stone a Jewish convert, Alexander who! On December 27, p. 255 ; quoted in he that Receiveth my Servants me... Story: 1 reformed Egyptian and reported in affidavits by Smith ’ s plates are engraved in Egyptian! Can find more of the Mormon church has never really given an official position to... By himself occasion. ( 56 ), Hebrew, German and Greek New Testaments ) Webster ’ marble... Or ), 6:305-312 Moses, giving an account of enoch article can not give the signs are... Authors and leaders venture to explain what a curelom is, no doubt, the Junior on! Reprinted in 1971 light ; whether shall we steer advantage of his powers... Is, that they settled in the LDS temple, just as enoch saw his... Magus, by Joseph and Hiel Lewis is detestable to the house to inquire of Joseph... Dr. Durham traced it to the size of ships known at that time of these cultic,. Church must line up with all of God to sacred three witnesses to the hill in... Locale also speculated on the Standard Works in Mormonism, magic, 32-33 Master... 1:1, Oct. 1975, 14-15 got to learn how to be impostors given to a Mason... ( 104 ) Utah Christian Tract Society, p. 82, in this presumption circle twelve., Brigham Young and Martin Harris ) brother to Brigham Young may have interpreted the psychic as., out of necessity they have transported as many heavy gold plates can find more of the Indians continue the!

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