Dyno tuning allows us to give your vehicle a tune-up of unparalleled quality, providing you with the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle. go for it. the company is call HPP Racing in Lewisville, Tx....when i pulled into their shop to get my bottle filled they had 8 2003 cobras that they were working on for customers...all of them were bad ....2 of them were full blown race cars, not street legal...i did some talking to friends and they have a good reputation around the Dallas, Tx area.. a lot of guys form oklahoma go down there too but i think that is going to change as soon as jim gets more poplar in the area, from what ive heard they are a retty good shop, but if your in around oklahoma ya really outa give jim at. 546 Posts . I know some absolute ballers in my hood with money coming out of thier ears, but only one has gone $25k in the hole for a Mustang dyno in his garage. I discovered that they offer dyno tuning. After reading what Choco was saying about. Yeah I've seen STOCK cars get dyno tuned before... so it must be worth it, it is very much worth it. i have a tuner and hit up the dyno just to do my a/f. Not designed as a typical garage project, a dynamometer is often found at some specialized shops and is designed in a way to tune your engine when hooked up to the machine, essentially boosting the horsepower, increasing its efficiency and improving the … Since you are paying 700, I assume it's ecutek. It does have little mods. Chip tuning refers to changing or modifying an erasable programmable read only memory chip in an car’s electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve superior performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions, or better fuel efficiency. Dyno Tuning, Worth it?? A good tuner can modify throttle response, improve reliability, make the car run cooler on track, add safety measures, improve gas mileage, and even improve traction control in some cases. I purchased a 2004 Vulcan Nomad this past April. SHADiGUY1 IT IS WHAT IT IS. Dyno tuning is a good thing but $500 seems a little high. I know they charge around here in Houston, 400-450 for a chip and complete dyno tune. The ecu basically doesn't like it, and tries to adapt. Hopefully, engine builders make these compromises keeping the … don't **** with cricket or you will get chirped. They pay decent amounts of $$ to lease this software but this allows a custom tune in less than an hour in most cases. Certainly not the best value if you’re looking for significanf gains. Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 13 Thread: Dealer Dyno tune - is it worth the $$$$$ Thread Tools . 2003 F150 5.4L 2007 F150 5.4L. How Hard Are They to Use? Thanks . Is it worth it to get dyno tuning if you don't have a supercharger? IMO it's worth it just for peace of mind. If it's sprayed, boosted, has a cam swap, long tube headers, then I recommend it (or remote tuning). Bob Kurgan has done some work for a couple friends of mine and they are more than satisfied. While I was having the Comanche tuned and dynoed at DBR High Performance I had a few questions for David of DBR and Jay & Alyssa of HPTuners. Taking your car to a dyno tuning garage is the best way to not only … bitches. Full exhaust, high flow cats, and a plenum spacer. A tune fixed the issue, plus got me about 20hp over stock. We serve as Reddit's central hub for vehicle-related discussion including industry news, reviews, projects, videos, DIY guides, advice, stories, and more. How much time is the guy actually tuning the bike? View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Administrator User Info Menu. Dyno tuning is a systematic approach to engine tuning. The first step to Dyno Tuning is to determine from the customer if the vehicle has any particular problems or points of concern, ie: gas mileage, … 20/30hp gain can completely change the feel of a car. Tuning really unlocks the potential. Not sure what kind of coke he sells, but his turd runs mid 9s. Enough to make it worth the money spent is the question and it is hard to say without riding your bike to know how bad it is now. Donating Member. dyno tune's allow the tuner to see what the car is doing from the start, and he/she can adjust the ECM for a peak HP output. Not really on an n/a car. A tune will give you a more aggressive map, the throttle body will open %100 instead of %90, make use of the new freer flowing exhaust and plenum. I'm guessing a tune should fix that but is it worth 700 (licenses and dyno tune), The exhaust,spacer,high flow cats won't do much themselves. If so the follow up questions are is $515 resonable and has anyone had any experience w/ Dyno … I went with the chrome tips figuring the cost difference was not worth the cf, and I run it in winter so some nice chunks will crack it eventually. thats not a bad deal either a full dyno tune with a tuner for $500. Picked me up a little over a tenth at the track. Z1 Motorsports. The Precision … I honestly wouldn't see much difference between a bone stock g35 and your g35 after a dyno (20/30hp gain max?). Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end. We head to Maxx Performance to Dyno Tune our NA Barra powered BA Falcon. Safer and runs better. Tuning on the dyno is simply optimizing the components of an engine within the framework of the engine build. Tuning really unlocks the potential. After I put on my HFC I've had some moments where my car would hesitate (like I took my foot off for a split second) a little bit when I go hard on acceleration but it doesn't happen every time just at some moments. Here's Florida's listings: Powercommander Tuning Centers CW CycleWorks is listed as authorized Tuning Link tuner. Not always true. Can help you adjust your car to increase torque and horsepower without losing fuel efficiency and drivability. Are we talking about the same kind of tuning? Thru the 1980’s, that also involved adjusting spark timing by rotating the distributor. my company truck picked up an an extra 40 horsepower over the stock tune with nothing done but a tune!! A necessity for racers and street rodders to get the most out of their vehicles. Fuel-injected bikes typically take around four … My school of thought on this is that no two bikes dyno the same even though they are equiped the same..It's not worth risking the internals by running over lean..Try map 205-017 just to get you down the road to your tuning … I am new to the EFI and dyno tuning. How is it that some places take 5 to 6 hours to do a Dyno tune and others do it in 2 hours? well just with the bolt-ons i am gonna say no, but with the nitrous i would say hell yes it would. He had it installed with one … It’s got some more usable low end torque that you … Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Dyno Testing Stages. What they’ll do is strap your vehicle onto a dynamometer and plug your car into the dyno and a computer running tuning software; as they run your engine through the RPM band, they will tweak each and every setting possible so your engine delivers the most horsepower and torque, and so as much of it as possible gets to your drive wheels. thats high for here … Hey everyone so I'm supposed to be getting a tune for my car this upcoming Thursday. Dyno tuning, as long as done properly, can enhance the performance of your car’s or motorcycle’s engine. Otherwise you're just scratching the surface. I dont think it's worth it unless it's boosted. As long as your tuner is reputable, you will gain power, driveability, maybe some extra fuel economy and as long as it's not tuned to the ragged edge it should be reliable. Costs to Tune a Car . The complete battery of dyno tests must be performed in a sequence and configuration that suits the motorcycle being tested. 7 Posts . Usually if a car has a turbocharger or supercharger a chip update is all that is required to provide more power and can be done so at a reasonable cost. A dyno tune that is attached to an engine directly is called an engine dyno. Many times in an engine build, trade-offs are made, based on part availability or budget. There are also benefits beyond just numbers that people don't put much stock in. Dealer Dyno tune - is it worth … Im geting a m4 slip on and a PC from a guy for $350.. and im going to get it installed and mapped and stuff.. but idk if i should get the custom stuff done it cost like over $100 more.. so … Thanks: 0. A tune for my 86 for example adds around 20-30 horsepower peak and can really fatten up the entirety of the power band by sometimes up to 40whp where our famous "torque dip" lives. your looking at probrably a 25 hp gain than what you have been getting plus will be safer. do not consider dyno work or re-mapping with a bike that iis not in tune as it is a waste of time and money. Dyno #'s after mods without any tuning: 278 RWHP & 228 RWTQ Dyno #'s after mods with tuning: 301 RWHP & 245 RWTQ I was running on a tight schedule so we skipped the dyno of the car when it was stock so that the guys could get right to work taking off the cats. Always start with a well tuned bike first andd if it still could use … The original owner in Southern California had installed a Thunder AirBox, V&H Duals and the Power Commander. I know those don't usually go together but a tuned motor should in general use less fuel. Dyno tuning really comes in when you get … Its generally not cheap, so if you're … Have you tuned the bike including fuel injection recently? I have an 03 GT with 3.90 gears, cold air, off road H pipe, Flows, and 100hp nitrous.....is tuning on the dyno really worth it....i found a racing place that will do a full dyno tune including the programmer for $500 out the door. dyno’s revving the engine … shop around man you can get tuned for 200-250 . What will be new? A forum community dedicated to all Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts. It'd be ~$500 for a power gain that's hardly noticeable. Dyno tuning is the only way to correctly tune a car for Performance. Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 27, 2007. Tuning your car through the use of a dynamometer should be thought of as more of a scientific experiment than a garage project. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 675LT, ACR-E, Giulia QF, Rubicon, SRT Durango, '91 Talon TSi AWD, '16 Crosstrek, '07 Colorado, Motorcycles. That can get pricey. Rasmith said: I highly suggest getting your bike Dyno Tuned. I'm going to a very reputable shop. Registered. Not really...your handheld tuner can get you pretty close with just those few mods. I need to scan the dyno printout so that I can post it. 62 Posts . Show Printable Version; 06-03-2017, 11:38 AM #1. nevtat. Check their website and make sure the place you're going to is a "master tuner". Yeah I didn't realize you were getting a tuner with it. Originally I got quoted $800 for a dyno tune and was told I still would be getting lesser kms and some popping as my exhaust system doesn’t have a big enough baffling , but read that a flash tune was all I needed to lose the popping , so for $450 i went down that road as it had TQ and smooth riding . Dyno tuning your vehicle can greatly enhance the performance of your engine. I did B&A multiple mods done together , so I realise that I cannot assess which mod made the most effect, BUT I can tell that my Power Commader , did very little in ways of improvement. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 20, 2011. Though I have loved my Mustang for years now. its very worth it. They're supposed to be the go to place for Nissan's in Georgia :). id sya thats probably $150 an hour of tuning! It can be worth it. I have vararam induction and corsa pace car exhaust and I was wondering if having my car dyno tuned is worth while. Hopefully I'll feel a difference worth of 700 bucks lol. My daily driver has 16 cylinders and 4400hp @ 1000 rpm.... Yea the timing of your car needs to be retarded a little bit. A “tune-up” service since ~1995 vehicles consists of just changing the spark plugs, which usually spec 100K miles (platinum or iridium). is 10 rwhp worth $350.00. Look for a DynoJet tuner who has Tuning Link software. Humbug, Far Canal, Ratbob and WideglidingNZ like this post. How is it normally done without the dyno and wide-band o2s? The price of a dyno tune for your motorcycle depends on a few factors, the most important of which is time on the dyno. 99'busa. I have an 03 GT with 3.90 gears, cold air, off road H pipe, Flows, and 100hp nitrous.....is tuning on the dyno really worth it....i found a racing place that will do a full dyno tune including the programmer for $500 out the door. i retarded the timing 4 degrees with a 125 wet shot. 05-25-2017 #2. admin. Press J to jump to the feed. Come join the discussion about performance, racing, builds, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! youll love the difference and you wont blow your motor with the nitrous!!! Based on what that one car is … This is called Dyno Tuning, and it gets its name from the word ‘dynamic’, which is fitting when you consider how the tests are conducted, and what the engine goes through to arrive at a completed dyno testing report. : Hi all I have a 1976 HX Monaro with 5 ltr 4 speed, 3.36 rear end. Speed academy g35 picked up 43whp before a tune with all bolt ons. A bike similar as mine made only 191rwhp after the custom tuning session. As long as your tuner is reputable, you will gain power, driveability, maybe some extra fuel economy and as long as it's not tuned to the ragged edge it should be reliable. Do you mean is it worth dyno tuning your car/mill, or buying a dyno for yourself? Donating Member. 189 Posts #2 • Jan 15, 2008. I never have had a car tuned before so I'm not sure what's supposed to expected. I went with it because it’s reliable, well balanced and arguably adds value where most tuning parts will detract. When I put headers on my car, the engine light came on because they are catless. What kind of HP gains usually result from the tune? An essential part of fine-tuning a performance bike and getting the most out of your motorcycle, dyno tuning is definitely worth the time and money. I dont think you can beat that anywhere in virginia... do you know if its a SCT XCAL2? Dealer Dyno tune - is it worth the $$$$$ Likes: 2. Will there be noticeable hp or mpg improvements? Mail order tunes such as hypertech and jet are good, But since ever car is different, and every car has different mods a dyno tune is needed. So many things. JavaScript is disabled. I wan to know if it is worth tuning a mostly stock engine? its the only way to maximise your mods and make your car abosulty safe so yes it is good to do it and no you dont have to have head and cams to need to do it. For those that dont, tuning is needed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Some cats respond better to mods then others. I am considering it over the regular tuning method. Hi All, I am getting to the point where I have to figure out what I am doing with my exhaust. The first 50 shot of nitrous is fine with stock tune, but after once you reach those triple digits it's time to tune...75 is even a good idea to tune it. You can raise the red line but I don't recommend going past 7200 as 7500 red line took Nissan a whole new engine to hit. Jul 10, 2008 #3 where you at? I am probably going to take the car to ls1speed in all the way IL so hey can fabricate my exhaust. Is it worth it? That thing must sound nice :) as we were able to by pass it during the tests. Heck, it could take nearly half of that 2 hours to move the bike in the chamber and set the equipment up. You can find these tuners at dyno jets website. A good tune on a high power boosted car is the difference between an engine blowing up and working properly, a tune on n/a is just to scrape up some extra horses. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. While this will cost you a little initially, the long running savings will be worth it. Frequently Asked Questions How much does a dyno tune cost? Dyno tune can it damage your bike and is it worth the cost Topics Dyno tune can it ... Rick it needs tuning mate, to do that you need data, only two ways to get it, on the drum or on the road, it's snake oil this caper you are being sucked into, not your fault but it shits me to watch it happening. Otherwise you're just scratching the surface. Choco 28 days ago. In preparation for … Jul 10, 2008 #2 it will be a noticble diffrence in power. If the guy knows what he is doing it is well worth it. Which tune? Was already tuned by lap top, but not a dyno. If so, they know what they are doing. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 16, 2007. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. But it's a case-by-case scenario. My car is a 07 G35 Coupe 6 speed. What … itll be a whole helluva lot safer and youll be able to maximise your mods! … 150 dollars if you already have the chip. :). /r/Cars is the largest automotive enthusiast community on the Internet. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles 100+ Posts User ID 3270 Join Date Aug 2010 Location Las Vegas, NV Posts 118. IMO it's worth it just for peace of mind. Regarding the dyno, I believe its worth the cash, In reality it should be done before & after each mod. Registered. The most successful engines are well designed with carefully selected components to create peak efficiency.

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