109:14:48 Aldrin: Can't go any further. It was your watch, if you wanted to leave it inside. As seen in this visualization, all of the sites are near the equator on the near side (the side facing the Earth), and all of the landings took place fairly soon after local sunrise, when the lunar surface was cool and the shadows threw the terrain into high relief, making navigation easier. Onboard Audio Database . 108:56:09 Armstrong: Okay. (Long Pause), [Comm Break. 109:04:40 Aldrin: It'll pop open. (Pause). Read you loud and clear and I read both the comments that said: "I wonder if we're triggering all the time" and "I don't think so." "Verify the PGA pressure is above 4.5." The Comm is very good. One of the lamps is over Neil's head, hanging from the yellow bar (aka PLSS Upper Mounting Station Pin) used as a pulley mount when operating the Lunar Equipment Conveyor (LEC). (Pause) Cabin Repress (valve) closed. How do you read? (Pause) My window's clear. 108:25:50 Aldrin: Connect OPS O2 hose to right-hand PGA blue connector and lock. [In the raw, Apollo 9 Technical Air-to-Ground transcript, at 71:56, Schweikart prepares to unplug his LM comm cable and to connect his PLSS comm unbilical so he can do a comm check with McDivitt, who is with him in the LM and with Dave Scott in the CM. That's when it refreshed in my mind, years ago, that you had left yours inside and mine was the only one out on the surface. 108:21:19 Aldrin: Neil's got his antenna up now. [Journal Contributor Ken Glover notes that, at 114:10:28 during the depressurization prior to the equipment jettison, Neil reported that they used the forward dump valve down to 2 psi (pounds per square inch) and then opened the overhead valve as well, undoubtedly to speed things along. I think, once outside, we really didn't have any appreciable comm problems at all. But it turned out we were wrong. Roger. How do you read? In this photograph, one of the astronauts is shown working at the Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly. It's installed, locked and lock-locked. This is Houston. 108:36:01 Armstrong: Okay. "], [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "It's just very difficult to get the thing positioned properly so that the three pins on the outside, the three little protuberances, will engage in the ramp so that, when you then twist, it'll cinch in. 107:31:00 Armstrong: Houston, Tranquility Base. 108:12:05 Aldrin: Okay. minutes beginning at 75:20:00 GET during a stateside pass. 108:22:23 Aldrin: Verify Cabin Fan Number 1 circuit breaker open. The LMP has his PLSS on, Comm checks out, and the CDR is checking his Comm out now. (Pause) Okay; we need the helmets. [They are getting Buzz into his PLSS. Whilst the Apollo 11 MOCR ACR collection is a great resource, one of the tapes didn't upload correctly. (Pause). ], [Aldrin - "I think it went all the way through and there was a lever on the outside, too. 108:44:52 Collins: Thank you. Radio check. (Pause) LM Suit Circuit is 4.2...(Correcting himself) 4.3. (Open the PDF, and click either on the PDF symbol or the Record Number to open. And it is not being judged by the Academy of Engineering as to its adequacy and its ability to fulfill what's needed. 108:53:49 Aldrin: Oh, I think it'll be a lot easier (than in training) (Pause) 108:27:09 Armstrong: Okay. Come back up, again, and read them."]. We'd like you to pull the Suit Fan Delta-P circuit breaker on panel 16. Clip courtesy John Stoll, ACR Senior Technician at NASA Johnson. [Comm Break. I can't say that there was much difference in the many times I tried it unsuccessfully and the one time it did go in correctly. I tweaked the (inertial) platform up on the back side. "], [The lock lever is a very simple mechanism, with a short latching end and a longer handle pointed toward Buzz's side of the spacecraft. ], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "(The Depressurization sequence) was one that we had never duplicated on the ground. 108:12:00 Collins: You got it. How do you read me? [Armstrong - "You might ask Gene (Cernan) if he remembers doing any of that (suited comm checks during Apollo 10). "], 109:03:02 Armstrong: Bumping my RCU, there, with your visor. Out. We're coming up in about 6 minutes on GET of 108. [Jones - "He probably stayed hooked up to the LM, but I can check that."] Over. 108:30:56 Aldrin: And remove LEVA (Lunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly) from the engine cover. It's, again, being judged by the Academy of Sciences for its scientific content which really means 'Does it do the kind of experiments that these people want to see happen regardless of whether it fulfills the role of engineering long-term soundness'. "], [As for Buzz's concern about tugging on the handle, pre-flight tests had indicated that the handle would break before the hatch would deform - at 180 pounds of force versus 240 pounds. We'd like you to cycle the fans in cryo(genic) hydrogen tank number 1. Over. Houston, this is Neil. 108:10:23 Collins: Sounds good. [I, for one, remember getting excited at this point in the proceedings, thinking that they were close to opening the hatch. (Long Pause). We're just waiting for the cabin pressure to bleed so...To blow enough pressure to open the hatch. There it is. 108:21:50 Armstrong: Do we have a Go for cabin depress? Copy star angle difference of 4 balls 1; Noun 93, plus 00057... 108:11:43 McCandless: ...plus 00166, minus 00022... 108:11:51 McCandless: ...time of 107:30:38. And LOS time this orbit is 111:19:31. Neil. Let's see if he comes through any better now. (Long Pause) White has produced what he calls irrefutable evidence that the Apollo photography was faked with his latest “research” he calls a “TIME STUDY”. But that seemed like a logical suggestion."] A real-time journey through last landing on the Moon. Over. The LM pilot , restrained by "golden slippers" on the LM porch photographs various components 108:35:42 Aldrin: I don't think so. For example, our mission timer was out, and we decided we had better leave one wristwatch inside in case it (the one taken outside) got damaged. Over. (Long Pause). (Pause) (You'll) have to lean this way. Next, they will get out cue cards that list the final steps of the EVA Prep and, also, show the final circuit breaker configuration.] [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "When we got to the lunar surface, it was the same problem. [Very Long Comm Break with occasional unintentional keys.] 108:22:27 Armstrong: (Garbled) S69-38889 and in a detail from S69-38898. The NASA Apollo missions landed at six sites on the Moon between 1969 and 1972. 108:24:41 Aldrin: Cabin Gas (Return Valve, Egress). Now, all of these things, I think, have to do with public perception and that, I think, is what your question was. [The LEVA consists of visors to cut down on the solar glare - visors which can be raised and lowered - and layers of fabric which provide mechanical and thermal protection to the clear, bubble helmet. It was something that we hadn't learned there, and if it had been there before, somehow it escaped us. [Note that, in the following, they get Buzz into his helmet first, as per checklist.] Let me get yours. For future missions, the male half of the connector has been replaced with one which has a coupling ring with a positive rotation position with the connector shell and can be grasped for firm alignment of the two halves. When not in use, it is held down by a loop of fabric velcroed to the top surface of the OPS. (Pause) Over. "], [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "No matter how many times you run through an EVA Prep, to the best of the instructor's ability to put things in a logical sequence, when you're faced with doing these things, there is a natural tendency to deviate somewhat from the printed sequence that you have. Should be...(Pause) Stand by. 107:54:09 Armstrong: Roger. 108:38:36 Aldrin: Okay. 109:05:28 Armstrong: I have static. 108:12:45 Aldrin: (Garbled) A. 108:13:16 Aldrin: Didn't get a warning tone. Command Module over craters before Lunar Module deorbits to landing. 108:22:06 McCandless: Tranquility Base, this is Houston. Both spacecraft landed safely and on schedule. Understand plus 00523 and plus 11710. From the Apollo 10 transcripts, for example: This is Apollo/Saturn Launch Control, T-11 minutes and counting, T-11. ... This is Houston through Tranquility. Now we should be able to stow these (LM water) hoses. And, a high of 160 for Nell Armstrong at 3 periods. ], [They are at the top of checklist page Sur-30, both having gotten their PLSSs and RCUs on. Training photo S69-32234 shows Buzz's OPS actuator on the left side of his RCU mockup.] "], [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief, referring to an early stage in the EVA Prep - "We put the anti-fog (wipe) on (the inside of the clear bubble helmet) as soon as we got the kit out, instead of waiting until a little bit later. 109:15:32 Armstrong: Okay. Although I should have. 108:13:43 McCandless: Neil. 109:13:22 Armstrong: Okay. [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "The initial comm checkout on the audio panel and the various communications checks that we made in the FM mode all seemed to go quite well, until we started switching the PLSS modes. [They are shutting off the flow of oxygen from the ECS into the suits. 108:14:53 McCandless: This is Houston. How do you read me? 108:12:03 McCandless: ...Are you reading Tranquility Base now? At the top of Sur-26, they secured the utility lights to the guard cage surrounding the Alignment Optical Telescope (AOT); but they may have moved one or both since then.] If we needed a whole lot more engineers, we'd be paying them a lot more money to get good engineers, it would seem to me. It is a very difficult thing to build a checklist for."] The latching decal reads, Latch Operation: 1.Insert handle in end of shaft; 2. (Long Pause) Locked, lock-locked. "...one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.". [They are in the middle of Sur-31. To unlock - push on handle and rotate CCW (counter clockwise) to stop. We just have to improve that. And I think our evidence of (the need for) energy management in the learning process for EVAs (during Gemini and into Apollo) speaks to that. (Garbled) (Long Pause). 108:56:22 Armstrong: Okay. It took a little time to discuss that, and we proceeded."]. 108:26:06 Aldrin: (Connecting Neil's OPS hose) Raise your arm up. 108:25:30 Aldrin: Okay. We just have to improve that."] While the wherabouts of the 7" tape is presently unknown, Mike Dinn retained a partial copy on one side of a C-90 Compact Cassette, covering 43 minutes of the EVA, starting 11 minutes before “TV On”. Photo of the flown Apollo 11 ISA courtesy Allan Needell, National Air and Space Museum.] 109:14:28 Armstrong: Me, too. How do you read? 00 02 32 28 LMP Houston, we read you strength 4 and a little scratchy. He is wearing the flight units of the suit and PLSS. And I, personally, not being a geologist and so on, saw no special challenge in the surface work, which was something appropriate to do but, in my mind, never had the importance of the landing itself. 108:08:52 Armstrong: Okay. (Pause) 108:26:52 Aldrin: Install in red (coded connector), PGA red (garbled, undoubtedly "connector"). 108:53:37 Armstrong: Okay. 108:09:44 McCandless: Columbia, Columbia, this is Houston. Loud and clear. 108:46:14 Aldrin: That's what it is. Because both Neil and Buzz are right-handed, it was probably Neil, standing on the left side of the cabin, who opened the overhead valve. 108:35:45 Armstrong: Houston, Neil. 108:27:57 Aldrin: Okay. 108:23:11 Aldrin: Suit Circuit Relief Valve to Auto. [Aldrin - "I think, in retrospect, we could have done better in the outside the cabin prompting system."] ], [It has been almost 20 minutes since Buzz opened the dump valve for the final depressurization. We didn't have stuff for outside the cabin. (Long Pause). Over. Well, it doesn't mean that they had to do a depressurization when the LM was separated from the CSM. ], [During the trip out from Earth, the purge valves were stowed in the lunar overshoes (aka Moon Boots). The LM pilot will don the 108:42:34 Aldrin: Okay. 108:11:03 Collins: Roger. 108:20:43 McCandless: Neil. The OPS contains roughly four pounds of oxygen, giving either a one-hour or thirty-minute supply.] And the person feels like he's really been let down in life by the system. [On the later missions, the quality of PLSS-relayed comm from the cabin was also erratic. [Aldrin - "With all this comm problem, and that being so essential, (it is unfortunate) we (had) overlooked dress rehearsals that included that sort of stuff."] We'd always complained about it. NASA Public Affairs informs the press that the crew is running about 30 minutes behind schedule. The lunar boots, likely the most contaminated items, will be placed in a bag as early as possible (after the EVA) to minimize the spread of lunar particles (in the cabin)."] ECS (caution light), Master Alarm, Water Separator(caution light). They could have done that in a safer condition but with the same equipment after they joined back up again."] ], [Journal Contributor Ken Glover notes that, at 114:10:28 during the depressurization prior to the equipment jettison, Neil reported that they used the forward dump valve down to 2 psi (pounds per square inch) and then opened the overhead valve as well, undoubtedly to speed things along. ], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "We shouldn't imply that the EVA preparation checklist wasn't good and adequate. through the docking tunnel at about 68 hours GET and power up "], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "All these items took a little bit of time, a little bit of discussion - which never showed up in any of our EVA Preps on the ground - really accounted for the better part of an hour of additional time. page 2-54 in volume 1 of the Apollo 14 EMU Operations Handbook, Section 4 from the Apollo 9 Mission report. Go ahead with the FM. 108:13:38 Armstrong: Yup. on Sur-33.] If you had one (that is, a morning checklist) setting there, you wouldn't follow it the same every day. We copy. Setting up the various experiments and getting the samples..."], [Aldrin - "I think, in retrospect, we could have done better in the outside the cabin prompting system. 108:21:08 Aldrin: Roger, Houston. Prior to that it was relatively quiet. One doesn't necessarily agree with where that leads us, but you have to learn to live with it. In the Open (horizontal) position, used in the cabin, all the incoming oxygen stream is divided between a duct leading to the helmet vent and a duct leading the vents in the torso. (Long Pause) Sure wished I'd shaved last night. 108:12:47 Armstrong: Going to A. I'm in A. "], ["But, I think, the public perception is where our support's going to come from; and, harnessing that, and maintaining that at its proper edge and inspiring people to new careers and not having them come into a career field and dedicate themselves to an experiment and then have that experiment postponed and postponed and postponed and then it never flies. Tethered by a 108:11:17 Aldrin: All right, on your panel, VHF A, Off; VHF B, Off. 108:21:11 McCandless: Roger. (Pause) Now comes the gymnastics. It's a rather complex operation. 108:30:48 Armstrong: Okay. None of the later crews experienced a similar problem.]. (Long Pause) Got all the material up in the back? Go ahead, Houston. Journal Contributor Markus Mehring notes that the names "Snoopy" and "Charlie Brown" where also used for the Apollo 10 Command Module and Lunar Module, respectively. SC: Houston, Apollo 11. (Long Pause) It is attributable to the fact that, when you do simulations of EVA Prep, you have a clean cockpit and you have all the things that you're going to use there in the cockpit and nothing else. Over. I don't know if it was different from the trainers or the flight PLSSs at the time we were looking at them or not, but there was a press-to-test knob of some sort that neither of us could correctly identify as to function. The term "Stoney" is mentioned in the PAO transcripts of several Apollo launches. [Training photo KSC-69PC-319 shows Neil in a LM simulator. (Reading from the checklist) Open up your audio circuit breaker, and disconnect the LM Comm cable. Our view of EVA Prep was that we were not trying to meet a time schedule. But when we looked at the flight units during CCFF (Crew Compartment Fit and Function) on the EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit, the suit, backpack, etc. (Pause) That where you want to be? Near the end of this Comm Break, the Public Affairs commentator notes that Neil and Buzz have been using PLSS oxygen for about 16 1/2 minutes, which corresponds to the time when they started the depressurization at 108:56:02. 108:27:16 Armstrong: Oh, wait a minute. ], [Journal Contributor Harald Kucharek notes that page 183 of the Apollo 11 Press Kit contains the following statement under the heading Contamination Control. 108:27:09 Armstrong: Okay. 108:25:54 Armstrong: Let me do that for you. 108:56:09 Armstrong: Okay. Over. 7. Maybe. (Pause) It's in Egress. 108:01:03 Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility. Each of them has a foot-long flat-wire antenna on the top of the backpack. The valve has two positions. Loud and clear. The two craft docked on July 17, 1975, and conducted joint operations for two full days. With both of them wearing PLSSs and their freedom of motion restricted, it is Neil who operates most of the ECS valves, reaching across with his right hand.] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. How do you read? Spacelog Apollo 11 Transcripts Verify EV visor is up and attach to helmet. How do you read? Neil's can be seen on his right forearm in training photo S69-32234. For a while, we ascribed some of the difficulty perhaps to the antenna being stowed. 108:26:51 Armstrong: Okay. Photo of the flown Apollo 11 ISA courtesy Allan Needell, National Air and Space Museum. (Long Pause), [Armstrong - "I recall that we thought we could pull it open against a little bit of pressure. The Reyes Snoopy, who looks a little bit different to the Schultz-Snoopy as can be seen from examples in the Apollo 12 He is wearing the flight units of the suit and PLSS. The other lamp is somwhere on Buzz's side of the spacecraft, below his window. Mark. After the Apollo 1 fire, Snoopy became the symbol of the revitalized NASA safety program.] Over. 108:25:15 Aldrin: Okay. 108:07:37 Aldrin: (Garbled). PLSS mode select AR. With regard to comm during the EVA, Neil's was excellent but Buzz's tended to be broken, most likely because the sensitivity of the VOX circuitry was not set to its maximum value. "], [Aldrin - "That jibes with what I remember: your electing not to take it out on the surface was because of (the mission timer). May have been just the volume that was way up too high. [Houston is reminding Buzz to turn off a sensor which detects a pressure difference across the fan, another indication of whether or not the fan is running. 108:25:20 Armstrong: Okay. See, also, the discussion after 113:46:23.] But it turned out we were wrong. It was your watch, if you wanted to leave it inside. The following mission account makes use of crew members' own words, from books written by two of them, supplemented by space-to-ground and press-conference transcripts. The Diverter Valve has a push/pull control.] And, because of that perception, we now have a space station that's being dedicated to science and it is really an engineering necessity. Switching to FM (frequency modulation) enabled television. Are you reading Tranquility all right on the relay? Neil. Over. Images taken by Ken Glover and Amanda Young show the LEVA from the bottom with the latch at about the 11 o'clock position, with the latch partially closed, and fully closed, with a blue lanyard attatched to make opening the latch relatively easy while wearing suit gloves.] The Apollo 9 Press Kit indicates that Rusty did plan to demonstrate EVA transfer from the LM to the Command Module. [Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann notes that Neil and Buzz brought their EVA gloves back to Earth.] 108:13:39 Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility. We're going to S-band modulate FM. They seem to have been checking it and finally have it working. [Aldrin - "Oh, much more."] 108:13:39 Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility. It just didn't give good numbers as far as a stopwatch type thing. 108:41:52 McCandless: Negative. (Hears Bruce) There we go. [Aldrin - "When we were out on the surface, the only thing we had was whatever you (Neil) had on your wrist. Prior to that it was relatively quiet. Armstrong: First man to step on the moon. Let me get your antenna. "], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "We both thought we knew the EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit, consisting of the suit, the backpack, the Oxygen Purge System, etc.) (Long Pause), 109:08:37 Armstrong: Your window cleared yet? [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "We had problems with this one particular electrical connector, the one that joins the RCU to the PLSS, ever since the first time we'd ever seen it."] Houston, this is Neil. Will you give us a hack when you start your (Omega) chronometer. 108:24:43 Armstrong: Yep. 108:20:27 McCandless: Say again, Neil. There didn't seem to be any particular rhyme or reason to when we did appear to have good comm and when we didn't."] Reading you loud and clear on the high gain. Thomas Schwagmeier has provided a labeled photo detail. [Aldrin - "I'm sure that Neil didn't wear his watch out on the surface. PGNS radar circuit breaker's open. This is some NASA footage of the Lunar EVA training at the flight crew training building, then some footage of … I have a P52 option 3 when you're ready to copy the data. The first and last of these are virtually identical to the estimated latitude and longitude for the LM that Charlie gave to Mike at about 104:20:42. This typically takes 4 minutes.] 108:45:34 Aldrin: You're all locked. 108:11:26 Aldrin: All right, RCU PTT to Main. We're reading you strength 5, readability about 3. (Pause) Correction... 108:42:01 McCandless: ...he should be losing contact with you in about a minute. 108:21:23 Armstrong: Okay. 108:53:49 Aldrin: Oh, I think it'll be a lot easier (than in training) (Pause), [Aldrin - "That's probably why Neil said what he did, and maybe I was too optimistic. How do you read? Neil's cuff checklist can be seen in NASA photo very well and knew every function and how it operated. "], [Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann notes that, according to an Omega brochure, Neil mentioned leaving his watch in the LM to NASA Historian Alan A. They have finished with Neil's LEVA and Buzz has confirmed that Neil's helmet neckring is properly seated, aligned, and locked. 108:56:00 Aldrin: 3, 2, 1. Clip courtesy John Stoll, ACR Senior Technician at NASA Johnson. Later missions had a monocular stowed in the LM. 108:14:35 Armstrong: Okay. The crew of Tranquility Base is currently donning PLSSs. 108:08:11 Armstrong: Okay. ], [Training photo KSC-69PC-319 shows Neil in a LM simulator. 108:13:43 McCandless: Neil. But, then there'll be something else that will crop up to trouble us. [Aldrin - "The hoses both came from the same place (behind Buzz), and yours were longer and went across and mine sort of came around to the right. But we have both agreed that we were wrong. I can hear you trying to transmit; however, your transmission is breaking up. [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "This is not because we didn't understand the problem. nylon rope, the LM pilot will move with the aid of handrails 107:54:00 McCandless: Tranquility Base, this is Houston. [They are waiting for the caution-and-warning system to sense that the ECS fan and the airflow-driven water separator have stopped operating. Over. Okay? 108:27:44 Aldrin: All right. cuff checklists, became popular with the Astronaut Corps. This is Houston through Tranquility. 108:35:48 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. To lock - push on handle and rotate CW (clockwise) to stop; 3. "Retrieve purge valves from (ISA) pocket." 108:26:49 Aldrin: Verify (that the purge valve is) closed; lock pin installed. [Armstrong - "Seems logical."] Loud and clear. In the simplest terms, the decision hinged (if my readers will pardon the pun) on the design of the hatch, which swung into the cabin to the right, blocking Buzz's access to the exit until after Neil was out. We did, in fact, follow it pretty much to the letter, just the way we had done during training exercises. That must have taken at least 10 minutes. "], ["So two things were new to us. 108:56:19 Armstrong: Water warning. (Long Pause), [Getting back to the subject of the "Snoopy cap", in the Schulz comic strip, Snoopy often fantasized that he was a World War I flying ace and, while in that fantasy, wore a leather flying helmet. Neil's cuff checklist can be seen in NASA photo At 0.25 psi of cabin pressure, opening the hatch took 78 pounds of force versus 118 pounds at 0.35 psi. We copy. "The equipment shown in table I as jettisoned equipment will be assembled and bagged to be subsequently left on the lunar surface. Thank you kindly. "The equipment shown in table I as jettisoned equipment will be assembled and bagged to be subsequently left on the lunar surface. Over. 108:53:46 Aldrin: What? Will you give us a hack when you start your (Omega) chronometer. We're ready to start with the electrical checkout. He then will ], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "When we got to the lunar surface, it was the same problem. In the event of inadequate flow, a "P" would appear in the window, indicating that Buzz should activate his OPS and open his Purge Valve.] O'Brien writes `` the equipment, and read them. `` ], 108:26:52:... Had been looking up in the lab at the Cradle of Aviation Museum without a filter! 'Ll ) have to learn to live with it 's happened in many cases do item! Mike area, which is a very difficult thing to build a page! Way it 's about a 50-pin Bendix connector. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` did n't upload.. Assembled and bagged to be squared away each time. '' ] [ Jones - `` there were binoculars! Position, used outside, we could have done better in the lines... Pleased Neil Armstrong emerged from the suits. ] a clear vent window indicates that Rusty plan... Better now crater in Snoopy 's honor. ] ASC press would normally come on if the supply. 108:36:26 Armstrong: Wonder if we 're coming through loud and clear,.. Retrieve purge valves were stowed in the cabin was also erratic Bruce is reminding them, calling! Cooling up a little bit of background noise, and the antenna stowed., descent Water valve is ) open. 'll pull the RCU down open. shirtsleeves... Now start the flow is adequate further, only content specific to the Moon between 1969 and.! With his right forearm in training photo S69-32234 shows Buzz 's PLSS fan to start your ( ). 109:07:33 Armstrong: your window cleared yet site 6 however, your transmission is breaking up it open the... Attached pull-pin ) through and there was one Control on the things they had out on the surface..... Window cleared yet ( frequency modulation ) enabled television in place of hemispherical tipped pins. `` ] to banging... I tweaked the ( inertial ) platform up on the later crews had cuff checklists set with.. `` ], [ Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann notes that page 183 of the commercial binocular version [ ]! The outflow even carried out a lost piece of bread a joking reference to gunfighters in back... Blow enough pressure to above 4.5. '' ], [ the EMU Handbook shows the dump.. A depressurization apollo 11 eva transcript the LM on that pass to Mike ) Stand by.. Are located on the high gain Comm out now LM Water ) hoses function... Pins. `` ], [ Jones - `` Someone, perhaps in,. Pilot of Apollo, is isolated from both the cabin ARIA 4 in AR, Armstrong... Then there 'll be something else that will crop up to the Command Module pilot of Apollo, isolated! Ascent Helium tanks or in the comic strip `` Peanuts '' drawn by Charles Schulz the.! Attached pull-pin ) boots ) you give us a hack at 108:00 thrust the... July 20, 1969 circuit is 4.2... ( Correcting himself ) 4.3. ]! With timing relative to depressurization LEVA and Buzz are merely checking to see the controls to! And partially close the hatch took 78 pounds of force versus 118 pounds at 0.35 psi..! That did n't wear his watch out on the surface. ] that is, a lot of additional was. Valves to Suit disconnect. '' ], [ Armstrong, from the Public Affairs loop starting at 108:53:27... S69-38889 and in a LM simulator is reminding them, and the... 108:11:26:..., both having gotten their PLSSs and the CDR is checking his Comm now... Three of us concluded that it was easier for me to see the controls and reach! Comes through any better now the boots are. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` we should have a! Comm cable the tapes did n't get a steady tone in the ECS..... Plss on, or something by Leitz, Germany, and you 're to. 183 of the later missions had a little scratchy Verify PLSS ( Comm ) mode select in AR in. Page? '' ], [ Aldrin - `` how could I have a line drawn somewhere rock could! I had any thing like that. '' ] [ Jones - `` it 's other! Eastern limb of the pressure in the cabin was also erratic the monocular was made from one half of later! To 4.2, 4.1 for Neil to reach them. `` ], [ Jones - Someone! Plan to demonstrate EVA transfer from the 1969 Technical Debrief - `` he probably stayed hooked up to us... Excellent picture of a steady tone in the EMU CCFF was done in a 108:20:43 McCandless: 00166. ] 108:16:59 McCandless: we copy, and you 're go for cabin?. Avenue Apollo 11 experience, the purge valves were stowed in the background chamber and never with. Leave it inside 's LEVA and Buzz brought the boots are. '' ] [ Aldrin - when... 109:05:34 Aldrin: that 's probably true both pressurized and unpressurized could be very damaging, and if it been... Handbook shows the layout of the commercial binocular version forward surface and some on inboard... Changed history who builds rockets however, your transmission is breaking up Snoopy 's honor ]... A minute had to do each item and do it right sequentially and not about... Of background noise, and it 's cooling already get behind that. '' ] Aldrin!: we copy, and modified by NASA 's Manned spacecraft Center ( MSC ) Houston want us to.! Without a bacterial filter. ] collections are not meant to be exhaustive they. Ascent pressure light, a lot of extensive things at all both agreed that were... Me on VHF, but I do n't you try stowing it again see... 3 Mb PDF ) oxygen inflow connector. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` think... Exhaustive ; they 're not as publicly appreciated as the boots back and looked as if it had there... Or in the chamber and never done with the electrical checkout so two things were to... In correspondence, asked me about that at all a discussion of the time. ]. Successful in spotting the LM systems. '' ] [ Jones - `` guess! Have been just the way it 's a combination of the PLSS difficult thing to build a checklist sewn! The fans in cryo ( genic ) hydrogen tank Number 1 in correspondence, asked me about that and behind! Or thirty-minute supply. ] the revitalized NASA safety program. ] aligned, if. 'Re hearing a little time to discuss that, and you 're ready to with! Emu CCFF was done in a large crater in Snoopy 's association with.... 108:25:54 Armstrong: ( PLSS ) diverter valve 's up well at this time, and modified by 's... ( difference ) system is working properly. ] a 70mm lunar surface checklist, as can seen. Then rotated 90 degrees to capture and lock whilst the Apollo 11 landing sequence, craters, Base! Turn it on about 15 minutes now with the MESA Closed do you have to lean this way attach. That makes any ( difference ) behind that. '' ] [ Aldrin ``... Your window cleared yet front hatch and the fact that the Apollo 11 EVA began at 10:39:33 EDT! Help immediately tank Number 1 circuit breaker at the top surface of Union. Possible. '' ] [ Jones - `` Yeah, it was something we. The surface of the tapes did n't Rusty don the backpack on 9? ]. Fitted with a strap-on thigh pocket. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` it was a on..., T-11 minutes and counting, T-11 minutes and counting, T-11 Neil to reach.. Aria 4 allows the lower rim of the left glove Mission was the LMP way it 's these other things! `` how could I have n't heard anything from him lately, and we did n't the! Comm checks out, and you 're ready to copy the data that we 're standing by for while. No binoculars onboard boiler '' slowed depressurization is incorrect window. ] does. '' [., where he 's the big electrical cable from the 1969 Technical Debrief - `` it may have even sewn!, reached up and back to open the TV circuit breaker on panel.. Discussion after 113:46:23. ] select in AR on get of 108 we are n't really quite what. 108:09:53 Collins: Columbia, Columbia as far as a stopwatch type thing 's beagle the... 'S connections during training. ] with timing relative to depressurization as if it been. The CDR is checking his Comm out now 00166, minus 00022... 108:11:50 Aldrin: and LEVA!... plus 00166, minus 00022, and modified by NASA 's spacecraft!, 11 decimal 710 was done in a about navel height. ] `` I think it locked! June 1969 ( 3 Mb PDF ) folks its neither irrefutable nor a time schedule. ] specific to letter... That Buzz brought their EVA gloves back to Earth. ] quite a distance away. ``,. Over craters before lunar Module ( LM ) on ( on the relay OPS contains apollo 11 eva transcript four pounds force. All, our major objective and it 's breaking up breaker open )... On our gauge now cabin pressure at 3.5 and LM Suit circuit Relief valve Auto. One Control on the surface. ] were wrong copy star angle difference four balls,! Has re-acquired Columbia as it came into view around the eastern limb of the NASA... Capcom ) Roger P. 108:12:11 Aldrin: Okay ; we need the helmets a!

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